April 15, 2017 – Making great progress on my revision of my website

I have been working for weeks on getting my website in shape.  I am almost done so that I can start making art again.  Everything seems to be working.  All I see now to do is make sure my description on my images are up to date and correct.  Then I want to let people know about my revised website.  

Not sure this will mean any and more sales.  I want to next work on an email list blog. I got no replies or comments about my two pieces on the G25n online gallery competition.  I was hoping someone would make comments or say something.  Sometimes, especially since I am not the sale type at all, I am shy and fearful I guess, this seems so hard to me. But I should know this. If I were younger I might do the gallery route, since that take a long time to develop if you aren’t a star. I don’t know the answer.  It would be nice to hear comments, honest comments about the work I am doing.  I hear good things from friends, but what I want are comments outside the circle of people I know.

Anyway, Move On Forward!

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